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Improving Ethical Review Process in Sudan Project funded by the European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Program (EDCTP)

This project is part of the EDCTP2 programme supported by the European Union

The overall goal of this project is to enhance the governance and the ethical conduct of research involving human subjects in Sudan. In essence, we aim to strengthen the ability of researchers in Sudan to conduct ethical research and to ensure the availability of high quality, affordable pharmaceuticals across all essential medicines. Achievements of this aim will also foster the development of an enabling regulatory environment that will serve as an essential component to realize the vision to improve public health.

Our overall strategy is to strengthen and enhance the coordination of the national ethics and medicines regulatory frameworks that exist in Sudan and the institutional /state research ethical committees by providing training, promotion of good practices, and networking between these bodies.

The major activities involve establishing and developing robust national medicines regulatory systems and capacities for ethical review in Sudan, as well as developing training programs for members of the Research Ethics Committee at the national, state and institutional levels.

Sudanese Network of Research Ethics Committees

This network will facilitate the development and synchronization between RECs in terms of reviewing research proposals and augment sharing of information and intellectual resources, policies, and review strategies.  The result is a series of enhanced processes for protecting research subjects through a more cohesive ethical review to help investigators and their research staff in submitting their proposals.