Dr. Sumaia Mohamed Al Fadil, MBBS, MD.

Sumaia Mohamed Al Fadil, is a community physician and a public health specialist, graduated from Al Zahar University/ Arab Republic of Egypt, 1984 with MBBS degree. Sumaia is a holder of a diploma of public health, MD community medicine, a diploma of health education and a course certificate of health research ethics along with certificates in other areas of public health and community medicine.   Dr Sumaia has served in different positions at MOH/Gezira state (1993-2000)   and at WHO Offices of Sudan and Pakistan for the years 2000 through 2013. As of 2013 up to date she heads the community medicine department at Nile College for Medical Sciences. She serves as a consultant in the areas of maternal and child health, nutrition, health system development and research and health research ethics.