The overall goal of this project is to enhance the governance of and the ethical conduct of research involving human subjects in Sudan. In essence, we aim to strengthen the ability of Sudan to conduct ethical research and to ensure the availability of high quality, affordable pharmaceuticals across all essential medicines.  Achievement of this aim will also foster the development of an enabling regulatory environment that will serve as an essential component to realize the vision to improve public health.


  • To strengthen and coordinate the national ethics and medicines regulatory frameworks in Sudan.
  • To enhance the institutional and individual capacity of the NHREC and the NMPB.
  • To map the RECs and their characteristics for internal use by the NHREC and the NMPB.  To help identify the needs and challenges of the RECs in Sudan,  as a prelude to accreditation, the NHREC will request these RECs to perform a self-assessment.
  • To Enhance Individual Capacity in Research Ethics.
  • To establish a Sudanese Network of Research Ethics Committees
  • To enhance the dissemination and communication of our results.